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“Soulful Strings” is Shen Qi's fifth album and represents her latest work. Combining not only oriental and occidental music, but also traditional and modern music, Soulful Strings embodies the deeply expressive force of erhu and the international flavour of our time.

A solo album that commemorates Shen Qi’s ten-year anniversary in Montreal. The melodies express the personal emotions, the mixture of reflective and melancholic sentiments that she has carried with her since leaving her homeland is captured beautifully by the profoundly moving music selections of this anniversary album. They capture the idea that, throughout the sorrows in one's life, linger moments of genuine feeling that push life forward with grace, music and meaning.

This album is a collection of Chinese traditional masterpieces. The Zheng (Chinese Harp) is also a Chinese traditional instrument and often accompanies the Erhu. These pieces draw a beautiful picture of the Yanzi River , full moon nights, spring river, swaying reed, floating fishing boat, and the fragrance of jasmine.

“Really Miss You” is a collection including both romantic Chinese folk songs and Western classical music. These pieces provoke both contemporary and traditional sentiments, merging two worlds into one.

This album is the most comprehensive collection of Erhu melodies throughout different periods of Chinese history. One can savour both pre-revolutionary and revolutionary sentiments with songs such as The Moon Shadow in Er Quan, the most famous erhu tune.

Zheng & Erhu Duo - Chinese Traditional Masterpieces

A Lover’s Tears - Sentimental Erhu

Soulful Strings

Really Miss You

The Everlasting Impression

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