ShenQi Erhu Soloist



Qi Shen was born in Nanjing, China and began to play Erhu when she was six. At the age of eight, she was selected as a soloist for the famous Nanjing Xiao Hong Hua Art Group, a prestigious arts institution for the youth. During this period, Qi performed Erhu in several different countries, including Japan and Singapore. At 17, she began her studies at the music department of Nanjing Normal University, where she received professional training in Erhu performance. Qi Shen completed there her bachelor’s degree of arts at age 21. Since graduating, she has been actively performing and teaching, both in China and abroad. Qi immigrated to Canada in 1994 and continued sharing her passion for erhu there. From 1998-2009, Qi was invited to perform at the Chinese Garden in Montreal's Botanical Garden. From 2010-2022, she was invited to play as the solo erhu act for a world renowned water show called "The House of Dancing Water", created by famous director Franco Dragone in Macau. Qi came back to Montreal in 2022 and has been performing ever since.


Over the years, she has contributed to many innovative projects recording for television, movies and theater such as:

Movies and documentaries:

- “La maison de mes ancêtres” by Mozus Productions (2009)

- “Wushu Warriors (2008)”

- “La Coupure” (2006)

-  “La Face Cachée de la Lune” (2003)

CBC TV documentary “Peu Importe l’Age” (2005-2010)


- Laurent Guardo’s “Ma Bohème” in the album “Daniel Lavoie chante Rimbaud” (2022)

- Benoit Jutras’ “The House of Dancing Water” (2010)

- Michel Cusson’s “Kaleido” (2009)

- Dave Liang’s Shanghai Restoration Project album “Story of a City” (2008)

- Cirque du Soleil’s “Kooza” (2008)

- Judi Richards’ "Du septieme ciel" (2007)

- Michel Cusson’s music score for “The Race to Mars” (2007)

- Michel Cusson’s music score for “Dinosaurs Alive” (2007)

- Mercan Dede’s “Mercandede:800” (2007)


"Festival Culturel de Brossard" (2022)

"Le Printemps de la Musique" (2022)

“Ottawa Asian Heritage Month Gala” (2008)

“Festival Accès Asie” (2007, 2008)

“Noon Under the Bridge concert series” (2007)

"The Music We Love": Montreal Musicians of The World Symphony Orchestra’s inaugural concert (2006)

“Festival des Musiques du Monde” (2005, 2006 and 2007)

“The Multi-Cultural Concert in Aid to Sri Lankan Children of Tsunami” (2005)

“Montreal International Jazz Festival” (2004)

“Festival du Patrimoine Asiatique de Musique” (2002-2004)

“Festival des Mosaicultures Internationales de Montreal” (2000)

"Le Tour du Monde en 80 Jours" (1999)

“Soiree Bénéfice de l'Accueil Bonneau” (1998)

"Le Monde de Jos Bello" (1997)


When not performing solo Qi Shen performs in several groups. Oriental Strings, which was formed in 2005, perform as a duo, a trio or a quartet and play traditional Chinese pieces as well as classical pieces. In early 2007, she joined the Montreal music collective, l'Ensemble du Carré St-Louis; the ensemble offers a quartet featuring Erhu, Flute, Guitar and Acoustic Bass, an interesting fusion of Occidental and Oriental musical cultures - classical, jazz, popular and traditional European and American music with a Chinese flavor. In the summer of 2007, Qi and cellist Luo Di formed the VI Strings Ensemble.


- “Soulful Strings” (2007): a blend of Western folk, Chinese traditional and original songs, featuring the sounds of the Erhu, Flute, Cello and Guitar.

- “A Lover's Tears” (2004): her anniversary album, featuring a mixture of reflective and melancholic sentiments that Qi has carried with her since leaving her homeland ten years ago.

- “Chinese Traditional Masterpieces” (2000): a joint project between Qi Shen and guzheng (Chinese zither) artist Shao Yun

-  “Really Miss You” (1999)

-  “The Everlasting Impression” (1997)

-  “Famous Erhu Melodies” (1996): Qi’s very first album

These five most recent released CDs can be ordered online or by mail click here to order.